2016 NACHMO Boston: Weeks 3 and 4 Review

Dancers Amane Takaishi and Katie Suyematsu brought together through video

At the time of writing there are only 8.5 hours left until tech rehearsal, less than 10 minutes for tech itself, and then it will be showtime for the latest Penumbra:Movement production!  Over the past 2 weeks we have brought together all the elements ranging from poetry, data-generated music, video, and live performance.  We've had moments of panic, more Skype calls, several e-mails and lots of Facebook chats.  Also a lot of gratitude to Michelle Barnes, owner of Miss Michelle's Center for the Performing Arts for providing so much studio time to Katie as well as lending a hoopskirt (yes, a hoop skirt!)

Like anything made under a time constraint, the choreography may or may not make sense upon first viewing.  It actually started out without a specific narrative in mind but after a while it was clear that this was a dance about dancers. More specifically, it is partially inspired by the inner turmoil of a dancer who started in ballet, tries to find a new style of dance, overdoes the change a bit, and then comes back to ballet but as a supporting component of their training and not their primary focus.  Nothing in the choreography, poetry or music gives any sort of direct indication that this narrative is present other than perhaps some brief bits of dancing on pointe in the video.  So if no one gets this narrative after watching, it's understandable.  But we do hope that each viewer is able to create a story of sorts for themselves with a similar theme.

In any case, if you have a spot of free time tonight on Sunday, January 31 at 6pm, please do consider swinging by the Dance Complex for a free show that also features Heather Brown, Claire Johannes, and Jordan Jamil and then come out again for the final NACHMO Boston 2016 show on February 7!