2016 NACHMO Boston: A Little Different This Time!

2016 marks the third year in a row that Penumbra:Movement is participating in NACHMO Boston.  What makes it so special this year?

1. Our collaborators are spread out nationally and internationally!  The choreographer (Eugenia Kim) is in Hong Kong, the poet (Paula Junn) is in San Francisco, CA, the composer (Data-Driven DJ/Brian Foo) is in New York, NY, and our dancers (Amane Takaishi, Samantha Govoni, Sasha M. Krumholz Lynn and Katie Suyematsu) are in Eugene, OR and Boston, MA.

2. We are doing a mixed video projection and live performance piece with a mainly contemporary focus (2014 was ballet and 2015 was jazz-based).  This is Eugenia's first time incorporating spoken word into her choreography and second time combining video projection with live performance.

3. We have until January 31 instead of the extra first week of February 

Wish us luck over the next 4 weeks, we'll do our best to keep you updated!

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