2016 NACHMO Boston: The Performance

January 31, 2016 has officially come and gone! That day was quite amazing in that our tech rehearsal and performance took place in two time zones.  While Katie and Wisty were running tech at 5:30pm on January 31, I was Facebooking in at 6:30am on February 1.  We had 5 minutes for tech and while I didn't get to actually watch the show, I kept my fingers crossed that the video would turn out okay.  It would be 4 days before I would get to see my latest work.

2016 NACHMO Boston: A Little Different This Time!

2016 marks the third year in a row that Penumbra:Movement is participating in NACHMO Boston.  What makes it so special this year?

1. Our collaborators are spread out nationally and internationally!  The choreographer (Eugenia Kim) is in Hong Kong, the poet (Paula Junn) is in San Francisco, CA, the composer (Data-Driven DJ/Brian Foo) is in New York, NY, and our dancers (Amane Takaishi, Samantha Govoni, Sasha M. Krumholz Lynn and Katie Suyematsu) are in Eugene, OR and Boston, MA.

Penumbra:Movement is Making a Comeback!

In our previous update we stated that Penumbra:Movement was going to be going on the backburner...but we were wrong! Thanks to the wonderful event known as NACHMO, there will indeed be a Penumbra:Movement piece appearing as part of the NACHMO Boston festivities.  Stay tuned for more details and in the meantime, please visit the NACHMO Boston page!

Help Celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Penumbra:Movement!

On February 7, 2014, Penumbra:Movement made its debut by appearing at the NACHMO Boston concert at Green Street Studios.  Past member Amane Takaishi performed the neoclassical ballet solo 'Aurai' in the same show as current Dancer and Resident Choreographer Wisty Andres.  We are happy to announce that Penumbra:Movement will be performing at the 2015 NACHMO Boston concert on its 1st anniversary with its current roster: